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    License Non-Exclusive Instrumental Music Tracks produced by Al Watkins!

    You can license the tracks to add your vocals or instrumental to create your songs to sell!

    Then use your songs to perform at Live shows and in your Music Videos!

    You pay NO royalties!

    New tracks added often!

    You get both a MP3 file and a Wav File!

    *The “Music Producer Al Watkins” voice tag is not on the licensed tracks.*

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      Name Type BPMStarting at
    Classic Cool 97Contact For Pricing
    Melodic Scenery 101Contact For Pricing
    The Brass Ring 100$34.95Buy
    One Voice 80$34.95Buy
    Club Night 120$34.95Buy
    Ravin 97$34.95Buy
    Persistence 84$34.95Buy
    About You 60$34.95Buy
    Pushin’ Thru 94$34.95Buy
    What It Was 107$34.95Buy
    On It 126$34.95Buy
    Low Motion 87$34.95Buy
    In This 124$34.95Buy
    Whatever You Want 97$34.95Buy
    Gone Ahead 115$34.95Buy
    Brought Back 90$34.95Buy
    Royalest 91$34.95Buy
    Wishful Encounter 65$34.95Buy
    Light Breeze 70$34.95Buy
    Given 80$34.95Buy