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    Al’s Takeoff!

    By Al Watkins on May 05, 2015 in News - 0 Comments

    Video of Al’s takeoff from Richmond International Airport going somewhere during Flight Training back in 2008 with fellow pilot Sean! Music: Tune Sweet by Al Watkins!

    Cloud Surfin’ with Steve and Al!

    By Al Watkins on May 03, 2015 in News - 0 Comments

    Video during flight training back in 2008! Here we are cloud surfing with Pilots Steve and Al!
    Music Track: “Ever After” by Louie Bello. Produced by Al Watkins.

    What does a Music (or Record) Producer do?

    By Al Watkins on May 03, 2015 in Thoughts - 0 Comments


    Songwriters write the songs, Singers sing the songs, Engineers record the songs, Mixers mix the songs, Mastering Engineers master the song/album. What do Producers do? In some current cases, they create the instrumental. In a more traditional sense, they are more like movie directors. They keep the broad view of the entire recorded song. They translate, oversee, and direct the vision to all involved to create a marketable recording. While everyone plays their own individual part, the Producer makes sure the parts create one effective whole.

    Al Watkins in Flight Training in 2008! Engine OUT!

    By Al Watkins on May 03, 2015 in News - 0 Comments

    Video of my multi-engine flight training back in 2008! Here we are doing engine-out procedures with Instructor Joao! Music Track: “Fly Music” by Al Watkins.

    Behind The Scenes of an Instagram video!

    By Al Watkins on May 03, 2015 in News - 0 Comments

    See the messing around that goes on behind the scenes of an Al Watkins Instagram video! Music Track by Al Watkins!

    Al Watkins (@alwatkinsproducer) • Instagram photos and videos

    By Al Watkins on May 03, 2015 in Thoughts - 0 Comments

    #alproducer #meetmeinthestudio

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    Flying with Instructor Rachel in 2007!

    By Al Watkins on May 03, 2015 in News - 0 Comments

    Another video of my flight training back in 2007. This time flying with Rachel, who was one of my flight instructors! See how I do landing back at Richmond International Airport, Virginia (KRIC). Soundtrack: “Dischorded Melody” by Al Watkins!

    Flying Solo in Flight Training – 2007!

    By Al Watkins on May 02, 2015 in News - 0 Comments

    A video from back in 2007 of one of my Solo Cross Country flights before I got my first pilot certificate! So I’m on the aircraft controls… and on the soundtrack! This is Emporia-Greensville Regional Airport, Virginia (KEMV). Soundtrack: “Melodic Scenery” by Al Watkins!

    Mixed #Liveanduncut by Elan Trotman Group

    By Al Watkins on Feb 01, 2015 in News , Projects - 0 Comments

    Had a great time mixing the Elan Trotman Group‘s #Liveanduncut album!!!

    Great music, musicians, and crew!

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    You are different.

    By Al Watkins on Jan 23, 2015 in Advice - 0 Comments


    You may have heard the saying, “Don’t compare apples and oranges”. This goes for yourself as well. I’ve been guilty many times of determining whether I could be successful in music business based on other peoples success, failures, or fears. I have based my fears not on my actual experiences, but on the experiences of others. You shouldn’t do that. Everyone has there own way to think, speak, and act. Everyone has there own strengths, weaknesses, and fears. Everyone has there own skills, talents, and abilities. When you think of it that way, there is really very few ways to compare two people in terms of a personal and subjective topic such as “success”.
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