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“Over 30 years ago, I started as a classically trained pianist, then delved early into contemporary keyboard styles. That led into playing in bands, becoming a D.J., sequencing, programming, engineering, production and everything electronics in the 90’s leading to a performance-based scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. During that time, I began to focus on the relationship between the art of music (Lyric, Melody, and Music), the recording/performing artist, and the recordings that people loved and admired. As an up and coming Music Producer and Audio Engineer, I got the opportunity to work with many independent recording and performing artists and had the privilege to be trusted with their art and business.  My goal and focus has not changed since I first began, and that is to keep working with other music professionals to push the art of music and its business forward.”
– Al Watkins.

Al is a full member of the Boston section of the Audio Engineering Society, a voting member of The Recording Academy (GRAMMY’s), the Berklee College of Music Alumni Chapter (Boston), and ASCAP as a writer/publisher.


20 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I have a wife (Kyia – said like Kia) with 3 kids…. Two boys (Kevin & Devin), and 1 girl (Zhira)

2. I was an Aviation Radio Repairer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

3. I started my first business, HMP Entertainment, at age 12. It was a D.J. / Live Sound Engineer Business.

4. I can sight read music… and have been playing the piano for over 30 years.

5. I read technical manuals… for fun.

6. I am always asking myself stuff that I don’t know so that I could learn it.

7. I love problem-solving!

8. I am an FAA-Certificated Commercial Pilot.

9. I attended Berklee College of Music.

10. I love the show “The Profit”.

11. I watch a lot of CNBC and am interested in Options Trading.

12. I made a $100 bet with a friend of mine in 1994 when he said that Apple would be out of business in 5 years…. I am STILL waiting for my $100!

13. I have been hired to play the piano in musicals. I’ve done Oklahoma, The Wiz, Into The Woods, HMS Pinafore, Guys and Dolls, and more.

14. My family has a cat named Christopher. He acts like a dog.

15. My exercise choice at the gym is the Elliptical.

16. I love to talk data, statistics, and projections in business.

17. I’m not just musical and technical… but I’ve also studied psychology and apply it in the studio.

18. I have been composing music for over 20 years.

19. I used to teach piano as a side business when I was in High School.

20. I’ve attended Utah Valley University for Aviation Administration.

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