Mixed #Liveanduncut by Elan Trotman Group

Feb 01, 2015 by Al Watkins - 0 Comments

Had a great time mixing the Elan Trotman Group‘s #Liveanduncut album!!!

Great music, musicians, and crew!

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You are different.

Jan 23, 2015 by Al Watkins - 0 Comments


You may have heard the saying, “Don’t compare apples and oranges”. This goes for yourself as well. I’ve been guilty many times of determining whether I could be successful in music business based on other peoples success, failures, or fears. I have based my fears not on my actual experiences, but on the experiences of others. You shouldn’t do that. Everyone has there own way to think, speak, and act. Everyone has there own strengths, weaknesses, and fears. Everyone has there own skills, talents, and abilities. When you think of it that way, there is really very few ways to compare two people in terms of a personal and subjective topic such as “success”.
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It’s not just about the music.

Jan 21, 2015 by Al Watkins - 0 Comments


I’ve been composing, producing, recording, and/or mixing independent music for more than half of my life. One thing that I’ve realized from experience is that it’s not just about the music. When I’ve worked with some recording artists, initially, the importance of the music, and its creation of it, become priority number 1. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing… however, music is a language. It conveys emotion, creates a call to action…. or more of a call to emotion toward a listener. The technical aspects and the ingredients of the music are not nearly as important as the music’s meaning and emotion. It is like saying that my choice of words are more important than the message that my listener receives. We need to step back at some point in the process and assess how we are conveying our message to the listener. That brings me to my next point.
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Afraid to move forward?

Feb 28, 2014 by Al Watkins - 0 Comments


I learned a lot from 2013… here is one BIG one… Don’t be afraid to move forward, if you’re going to be afraid…be afraid to run out of time. I’m not sure about the wording, but the emotion behind it is clear. Competence, Confidence, and Action.